Friday, December 16, 2011

Well I'm quite happy to be listed on one of the hippest triathlon sites out there. Real people with real jobs talking about what it is to live with Ironman dreams. I had run across the site before I started my own blog and noticed that it was populated with not only coaching and elite advice but also the reflections of people I've run into while doing triathlons. You know. That person you run with for 3 or four miles because you're feeling about the same way and you help each other along...and then either you or the other person breaks away towards the finish line. Or that person you talk to in the transition area next to you while you're both waiting for the event to begin, but your friend you came to the race with is two rows away from you where their bike is racked . I call them "mini-friendships". 

TriCrowd has interesting featured bloggers and good deals on tri-gear through their associated web site called Triathlon + Dinero). I haven't found another triathlon specific site out there that really fills the niche that TriCrowd does. Check 'em out! (And don't forget to scroll down on the right hand side of the page and look for the "More Triathlon Blogs," that's where I am.)

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  1. Welcome aboard TriCrowd!! We're in the same age-range and reading through your prior posts I saw some other commonalities. I am clinging to a one-can of diet coke habit each day, not sure why. When my remaining supply is gone I think I will follow your lead and kick it. I look forward to following your journey on your blog!