Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Midfoot strike

So Exciting! But will I like them more than my Asics?
What with McDougall's Born to Run, the advent of Vibram five fingers, and a flurry of running methods, ChiRunning, Evolution Running, Good Form Running, etc all roads lead toward the midfoot strike. Four years ago when I did my first 70.3 I was noticing these shoe brands that I had never seen before. "The triathlete crowd even have their own shoes!?", I thought. Names like Zoot and Newton and colors that were reminiscent of  early 80's neon were fun and interesting. So, four years later, thanks to my parent's X-mas gift of "Universal Gift Certificates" (money), I finally bought a pair of  Newton's. My reluctance to buy them stemmed more from price rather than being sold or not sold on the science behind them. Since that first 70.3 I've also run a half marathon in my Vibram's (Speed) this past Fall. Everything that is promoted in terms of not having sore knees and a sore back checks out. My achilles tendons and the back of my calves DID feel like rolled steel afterwards, but no knee or back pain. When I treadmill tested the Newtons in the store I had already been actively trying to alter my running technique for over a year so they felt quite natural. Walking in them, however, is kind of like walking around in a pair of track spikes. I'm excited to run in them for the Lansing Marathon. I just can't see myself running 26.2 in my Vibrams, but with these I think the trademarked Newton "lugs" will help me keep good form even when I'm getting fatigued and form generally goes out the window. As far as trends go, the midfoot strike will most likely be around to stay. Now I need to go find my bee-pollen and DMSO.

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