Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goodbye Diet Coke

I did forget to mention another thing in my last blog entry that I stopped doing which is I no longer drink Diet Coke. My particular habit was one can a day during the week at lunch and usually one day on the weekend I would skip the Diet Coke. I drank it for the caffeine and because it tasted better to me than regular Coke. There really isn't super compelling evidence on the web that should alarm people who drink Diet Coke in moderation. I do like what this fellow Blogspot blogger says. I gave up Diet Coke this Fall because I told my cross country team that I didn't want them drinking any soda during the season (we call it "pop" in Michigan, but I guess we're actually the odd ones in that regard) and that I would give up drinking Diet Coke so that I was giving up something too. It turned out to be easier than I thought and I do feel much better but I don't know if it contributed in any way to my weight loss or not. I just figured that all those chemicals on a daily basis couldn't be a good thing. I've replaced the daily Diet Coke with Naked brand "Green Machine" or Odwalla "Superfood" smoothies (in spite of seeing Soylent Green in the '70's) or those little V8 V-Fusion juice blends. I feel quite virtuous about this too. I feel like I'm doing my body a favor. So that IS one thing I neglected to mention last time. I doubt I could measure speed gain in my next race from quitting Diet Coke but it sure can't hurt. Plus it made my daughter happy.


  1. I read that drinking "cola" also inhibits your body from absorbing vitamins and minerals your take in as well. Yet another reason to limit or eliminate sodas (Pop for you midwesterners) from your diet.

  2. Yes I forgot to mention that. Thank you