Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sarcopenia Anyone?

I learned a new word today: sarcopenia. It means age related loss of muscle mass and strength. Hmmm. Kind of a scary sounding word. I bought one of those muscle guy magazines the other day that had the banner across the top of the cover, "Look Awesome At All Ages".  Inside there was an easy to understand work out for the 50 year old crowd that included one of those fitness balls and a simple weight regimen. Apparently as we age we lose muscle mass. I didn't know that, but I have been noticing for some time now that I'm sort of "lacking in tone" in my upper body. I never used to be flabby. I know for a lot of years, in the military, doing morning P.T. probably kept me in shape better than I would've myself. The problem is there were professional incentives in the Army that don't exist in civilian life. I used to love doing P.T. tests. I suppose my desire to race is a good substitute for that but I was not prepared to be losing upper body lean muscle simply because I've been on the planet for awhile. So from what I've read, the medical folks are now paying attention to sarcopenia the way they have been looking at osteoporosis for years. Osteoporosis I've heard of, sarcopenia is a new one on me. They appear to be related. So the big cure for this type of muscle degeneration is to do some simple resistance training or working out with weights. Something I've been planning on doing for...oh, about three years now. I just have to go in the basement and actually do it.

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