Tuesday, February 28, 2012

...and whatever else: part 1

Education ain’t Poetry

Because it’s about money, politics, agendas 
Poetry just lays in the sun half-turning itself when it wants

Education requires schedules, busses, and clocks 
Poetry measures time in the slow inches of rainwater caught in a bucket

Education screams “Crisis!” “Reform!” “Crisis!” 
Poetry whispers purple and blue syllables heard by owls

Education craves data, imbibing; spitting it out in triplicate 
Poetry rests under the kitchen table at Grandma’s house noticing dust

Education is about children, the future, the fate of our nation 
Poetry is the sound of the last snowflake striking the ground before Spring

Education is concerned with scores, grades, rankings 
Poetry hides in a swamp breathing through a single reed

Education enables the young to go on in life, have meaningful lives, contribute to society 
Poetry occasionally slides off a bookshelf exclaiming “Wheeeeee” while the librarian fingers “Shhhhhhh.”

submitted by my friend: mitch foster

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