Sunday, February 12, 2012

My First Spin Class

I've got to say that when I first heard about a "spin" class, it seemed a little unnecessary. I couldn't imagine what you would need someone in front of you to say while you were on a bike. When my friend Greg asked me to be part of his Gang Green (an MSU Spartan reference for you non-Michigan readers) to raise money for the local YMCA in his town I said sure. I probably would've gone running today or maybe swam (probably not) but in winter, I KNOW I would not have gone cycling. I don't have a trainer in my basement although my wife has her mom's old stationary bike. I tried that one once but it reminded me of the treadmill. Not my scene. So... off I went to go do a spin class for charity and get a winter work out in on the bike. My first thought when I got on the bike was. Oh yes, I remember toe-clips. I don't like them anymore. I did have the choice of using my biking shoes but I wasn't sure if the cleat was the same. I also noticed I was in the front row and pretty much had to stand or "climb" when the spin instructor said to or be lame. The class instructor was very good about getting people revved up and the music was loud. Her nick name is the machine. I totally get why. I recognized a song from my son's ringtone: LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem"... Every day I'm shufflin'... It was beginning to sound and feel like a Zumba class. In the end, the event raised 5K for their cause and I won a family pass to Potter Park Zoo which is very cool. It was a good workout as well. I may have to look into doing spin classes during the winter months for a change of pace. Now I know what all the fuss is about.
This is MUCH harder than I thought it'd be!

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  1. Nice job. Got a workout, and did some service for mankind. Thanks again!