Wednesday, August 26, 2015


In Fall 2013, When I got back to my classroom at Everett High School, I was a little wilted on the Monday following Madison. So I explained to my students why I was mostly not moving much that day, since usually I do move around the classroom quite a bit. One of my students that year, Juan Ramirez, did a little feature story on me in the Viking Voice, Everett's school newspaper. I was quite flattered by both Juan's interest and my friend Chad Sanders' (Journalism teacher extraordinaire) Photoshop interpretation of my first 140.6 event.

You can read the specifics of the race by clicking on the article.  Of course, although I didn't do much of the actual Ironman itself with Kurt (minor exception being a few miles of the marathon leg, where we were both Ummm... walking, although it was his second 13 miles and my first 13 miles...) it was a heck of a way to turn 50. I'd recommend doing an Ironman to anyone who enjoys the experience of attempting something rather difficult to see what you're made of.
Me and Kurt (right) about to get into Lake Monona for the 2.4 mile swim leg
It was late, and everyone was sleeping but, my daughter Katie made me feel like a conquering hero upon return to Michigan with this cool sign greeting me on the garage door!

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