Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Stride Rate X Stride Length = Speed"

Often I will noodle around on the Web before I do a blog entry for a variety of reasons. This morning I was thinking about yesterday's marathon clinic and the workout that we did. We did something called bounding. I think I may have heard of it before in the context of running but I have never done it as an aid to training...and like so many things we do at the clinic, it would probably never have occurred to me either. Owen laid out seven or eight sticks on the ground several feet apart, kind of like a ladder and we hopped through them first on one leg and then the other. After that we used both our legs and ran (bounded) through them all in an effort to increase stride length. Prior to this we were working on cadence. Owen used a digital metronome and we ran in place at 180 beats per minute (BPM) and then up to 200 BPM and back down to 180. Owen also talks about soft knees in promoting good running form. All very interesting to me and new. So to get to my point, I googled bounding and began reading a remarkably good article that mirrored last evening's workout on the Peak Performance web site. Well surprisingly (or maybe not actually) it was written by Owen. I hope it makes you think and gives you something new to try, to keep training fresh. And of course, to repeat Owen's mantra: Stride Rate X Stride Length = Speed...I hope these ideas make you faster too!

Anderson, O. (2003, November 25). Speed training: 
bounding to improve performance. Retrieved 

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