Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Other Blog

I didn't mean to be inattentive but I've been doing stuff with my other blog. I'm new at blogging and I find it fun and this new one just sort of started up. It's pretty specialized as it focuses on a single WWII unit that my great uncle was part of, but people from across the country who had/have family members in it are sending me pictures and stories and so I've been happily posting all sorts of interesting things there. So now I need to find some sort of balance between the two blogs. And really, I'm not sure what kind of accountability exists in the blogosphere for how often one blogs. So if you're interested check it out: 

If not, I'll be back soon with Age Grouperesque material. So forgive the commercial for the military theme...on the other hand you may like it as well!

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