Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lansing Marathon

I've got to say "Finally!" I don't have to drive to some other city to do a marathon. Lansing, Michigan is going to host its first marathon in April of 2012. I will be there. I imagine in an inaugural event there will be some glitches but whatever they may be, I'm so glad to have something like this in the Capital City. My daughter is planning on running it as well as other members of the cross country team. I will be following (or attempting to follow) Parker's 12 week competitive plan from the heart monitor book. This means I have to start a workout plan beginning Jan 29th of the new year. I did manage to take third in my age group once in the Saginaw Bay/Delta College marathon back in the early '80s. I ran a 3:25 (a PR for me to this day) and I just barely edged out the first woman in that race as well. I still remember her telling me "Good Job" as we were entering the track for the final .2 This of course made me feel kind of bad since I had been thinking unkind thoughts about her for the majority of the race. I think my chauvinism of those days actually spurred me on to get that time. Since those days however, I've been beat by so many women in so many marathons that I'm not going to say I don't care anymore....I care. I now realize these things happen and being a chauvinist is...just so tiring these days. So I'll be there April 22nd of 2012, ready to race. And I imagine I'll probably get beat by some female runners too. And I'll still be happy.

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  1. Welcome to Lansing Marathon! I am very glad you will be running our inaugural 26.2-miler. Looking forward to meeting you on race day. Don't forget that there is a free training workshop for the marathon every Wednesday evening at 6 PM at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 549 E Mt Hope, Lansing. Very kindest regards, Owen